Second International Workshop on

Advances in Simulation-Driven Optimization
and Modeling (ASDOM 2013)

August 9-11, 2013

Reykjavik University, Iceland

A three-day workshop on advances in simulation-driven optimization and modeling methodologies, ASDOM 2013, will be held at the Reykjavik University, Iceland, in August 2013. The workshop will be focused on reviewing the state-of-the-art engineering modeling and optimization techniques, providing a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion, as well as promoting important topics for the future research and development

This is a second edition of ASDOM, the first one held in 2011, also at Reykjavik University (see: ASDOM 2011).

Workshop topics
  • Simulation-driven design
  • Knowledge-based methods
  • Multidisciplinary design and optimization
  • Optimization methods for CPU-intensive engineering problems
  • Multi-fidelity analysis and optimization
  • Surrogate-based modeling and optimization
  • Function-approximation-based and physics-based surrogate models
  • Space mapping and response correction techniques 
  • Approximation, interpolation and response surface methodologies
  • Adjoint sensitivities in simulation-driven design
  • Artificial neural network modeling of devices and systems
  • Software architectures for optimization-oriented design
  • Application case studies

Prospective speakers are encouraged to submit their proposals including the talk title and abstract to the organizers (Slawomir Koziel  and/or Leifur Leifsson).

Further Workshop Information
About Iceland

Workshop Organizers

Slawomir Koziel                   
Engineering Optimization & Modeling Center   
School of Science and Engineering; Reykjavik University; 

Leifur Leifsson
Laboratory for Unmanned Vehicles
School of Science and Engineering; Reykjavik University;

Xin-She Yang
School of Science and Technology
Middlesex University, UK;


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