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Engineering Optimization & Modeling Center offers a number of research projects that can be carried out by interested graduate students. The projects are suitable for students pursuing the Masters degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Available project topics are related to the mainstream research activity of EOMC, in particular, computationally efficient optimization and modeling methodologies for microwave and RF as well as aerodynamic and hydrodynamic applications.

Example project topics in Electrical Engineering:
Example project topics in Mechanical Engineering:
All the projects involve numerical simulations using both electromagnetic solvers and circuit simulators (Electrical Engineering projects) and computational-fluid dynamics solvers (Mechanical Engineering projects), Matlab programming, as well as working with various optimization and modeling techniques.

Prospective students interested in doing research within EOMC are encouraged to contact Slawomir Koziel (koziel@ru.is) regarding projects in Electrical Engineering or Leifur Leifsson (leifurth@ru.is) regarding projects in Mechanical Engineering.

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