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Technical University of Denmark
November 9-11, 2006

Scientific Programme

Thursday, November 9

8:00 Registration
9:00 Kaj Madsen: Welcome remarks.
9:05 Natalia Alexandrov:
Reducing Computational Cost in Simulation-Based Optimization.
9:50 T.D. Robinson, K. E. Willcox, M. S. Eldred, and R. Haimes:
Multifidelity Optimization for Variable-Complexity Design.
10:20 Coffee
10:50 A. Garcia-Lekue, J.C. Meza, M.A. Abramson, J.E. Dennis, M.V. Van Hove:
Surface Structure Determination using Simplified Physics Surrogates.
11:20 Evin J. Cramer, Joerg M. Gablonsky, Robert E. Moody, Jennifer M. Shuster, and John Dennis:
Multi-objective Optimization for Complex Computer Simulations and its Application to Nozzle Design.
11:50 Marielba Rojas, Yonas B. Abraham, Natalie A.W. Holzwarth, and Robert J. Plemmons:
Surrogate Modeling for Electronic-Structure Calculations.
12:20 Lunch
13:45 John W. Bandler, Qingsha Cheng, Slawomir Koziel, and Kaj Madsen:
Why Space Mapping Works.
14:30 Hany L. Abdel-Malek, Abdel-karim S. O. Hassan, Ezzeldin, A. Soliman, and Sameh A. Dakroury:
Design Centering and Region Approximation Using Parallel Cut Ellipsoidal Technique and Space Mapping Surrogates.
15:00 Pieter Hemker:
From Space Mapping to Manifold Mapping.
15:30 Kaj Madsen, John W. Bandler, and Slawomir Koziel:
The New Space Mapping Algorithms (since 2000).
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Q.J. Zhang and Lei Zhang:
Neuro-Space Mapping Technique for Nonlinear Electronic Device Modeling.
17.00 José E. Rayas-Sánchez:
Linear-Input and Neural-Output Space Mapping for Highly Accurate Statistical Analysis and Yield Prediction.
17:30 Murat Simsek, and N. Serap Sengör :
A New Modeling Method Based on Difference between Fine and Coarse Models Using Space Mapping.
18:00 Patricia Klotz, Nathalie Bartoli, Laurence Cornez, Manuel Samuelides, and Philippe Villedieu:
Database Enrichment for Optimization with Artificial Neural Networks.
18:30 End of the day's scientific programme.
For those who want transport to the Banquet there is a bus leaving DTU at 19.40, and stopping at Hotel Eremitage at 19.45.
20:00 Banquet at Teaterkćlderen.

Friday, November 10

9:00 Luis N. Vicente:
Recent Advances in Derivative-Free Optimization.
9:45 Ekkehard W. Sachs:
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition in Optimization.
10:15 Coffee
10.45 Andy Keane:
The Use of Krig Based Response Surfaces in Multi-Objective Optimization.
11:30 Thomas Hemker and Oskar von Stryk:
Surrogate Optimization for Mixed-Integer Simulation-Based and-Constrained Benchmark Problems.
12.00 Nils-Hassan Quttineh and Kenneth Holmstrom:
Radial Basis Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Expensive Constrained Global Optimization.
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Larsgunnar Nilsson and Tomas Jansson:
Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming Processes.
14:45 Alison Marsden, Jeffry A. Feinstein, John Dennis, Jr., Charles Audet, and Charles A. Taylor:
Optimal Design of Cardiovascular Geometries using Surrogates and Mesh Adaptive Direct Search.
15:15 Vassili Toropov:
Advanced Approximation Concepts in Design Optimization and Stochastic Analysis.
15:45 Coffee
16:15 Vicente E. Boria, Héctor Esteban, José V. Morro, Carmen Bachiller, Pablo Soto, and Luis J. Roglá :
Efficient Design of Passive Waveguide Filters for Space Applications using Space Mapping .
16:45 Slawomir Koziel, John W. Bandler, and Kaj Madsen:
Coarse Model Quality Estimation for Space Mapping Optimization Algorithms.
17:15 Slawomir Koziel and John W. Bandler:
SMF - Software Package for User-friendly Space Mapping Optimization.
17:45 Coffee
18:00 David Echeverria:
On the Manifold-Mapping Optimization Technique: Part One.
18:30 Domenico Lahaye:
On the Manifold-Mapping Optimization Technique: Part Two.
19:00 End of the day

Saturday, November 11

8:30 Ahmed S. Mohamed, Slawomir Koziel, John W. Bandler, Mohamed H. Bakr, and Qingsha S. Cheng:
Rosenbrock-like Problems: SMF Versus Other SBO Implementations.
9:00 Kaspars Kalnins, Gints Jekabsons, Janis Janushevskis, Janis Auzins, and Rolands Rikards:
Different Polynomial Functions in Surrogate Modelling of Sandwich Structures.
9:30 Coffee
10:00 Andrew J. Booker:
Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments at Boeing.
10:45 Rick Morgans, Anthony Zander, Colin Hansen and David Murphy:
EGO Shape Optimisation of Horn Loaded Loudspeakers.
11:15 Tuan Vu Tran, Stephane Brisset and Pascal Brochet:
Optimization of a Safety Isolation Transformer Using Space Mapping.
11:45 Coffee
12.00 Delphine Sinoquet:
Response Surface Modelling and Optimization for Engine Calibration.
12:30 Daniël De Zutter, Tom Dhaene, and J. Sercu:
Scalable Metamodelling of Microwave and RF Circuits Using Methods of Moments S-parameter Data.
13:00 Kaj Madsen: Closing remarks.
13:05 Lunch

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