Third International Workshop on

Surrogate Modelling and Space Mapping
For Engineering Optimization
(SMSMEO 2012)


Reykjavik University, Iceland

August 9-11, 2012


The workshop will be held in room "Hercules 6" on the second floor of the Reykjavik University building (Menntavegur 1, 101 Reykjavik).

The workshop room, Hercules 6, is located on the second floor of the RU building at Menntavegur 1. The way to the room is marked red on the floorplan.

Reykjavik University is at a walking distance from the Reykjavik Natura hotel (about 750m).
The workshop dinner will take place at Perlan, which is also at a walking distance both from Reykjavik University and from the Reykjavik Natura hotel (click on the image to enlarge):

Reykjavik University: floorplan of the second floor (click on the image to enlarge)



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